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About IFEN GmbH

IFEN GmbH is a leading provider of GNSS navigation products and services. IFEN’s complete portfolio of leading edge GNSS testing products includes GNSS RF signal generators, software receivers, test ranges, simulation and data processing tools. The NavX-NCS is the most flexible and capable RF signal generator for GNSS constellations on the market. The SX-NSR is a multi-frequency real-time software GNSS receiver for sophisticated scientific and signal analysis applications.
NaVX®-GNSS Test Solution - Gate Test Range - GALILEO Test and Development Environment

To cover the different user testing needs for GNSS testing, the NavX®-NCS RF constellation simulator is available in different versions:

The NavX®-NCS Standard® is focused on system integration and production testing for L1 Mass Market Applications.
The NavX®-NCS Professional® is optimized for research and development of multi-frequency GNSS Safety & Professional Applications.
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NavX-NCS Essential

The NavX-NCS Essential has been designed to fully meet the requirements of single-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, SBAS and beyond) for research and development, system integration and production testing for consumer and automotive applications using the L1 / G1 / E1 frequencies. The NavX-NCS Essential, with its powerful executive software, is the leader in GPS (GNSS), A-GPS (A-GNSS), LBS and vehicle navigation testing, providing unique capabilities.
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NavX-NCS Professional

The NavX-NCS Professional has been designed to fully meet the multi-GNSS RF research and development testing requirements for safety and professional applications. Multi-GNSS is driven by many satellite signals with different modulations at different frequencies in the upper or lower L-band, all mastered by the NavX-NCS Professional. Due to its superior technology, the outstanding performance features of the NavX-NCS Professional are beyond the capabilities of any other signal generator on the market today.
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GNSS NTR Test Receiver

To cover the different user needs for research and development, testing and verification, the NavX software defined receiver platform is the best available solution. The NavX-NTR is focused on multi-GNSS, targeting all existing or coming GNSS systems. With the signal processing implemented in FPGA (high speed correlation engine) and ARM A8 (low speed acquisition & tracking), the whole signal processing chain can be customized or upgraded in the field according to the customer testing needs.
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SX-GNSS Scientific Solutions - NSR Software Receiver

The SX-NSR is the most flexible and capable multi-frequency software receiver for multi-GNSS constellations on the market. The SX-NSR Navigation Software Receiver supports the major GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and SBAS) signals in real-time making it an indispensable tool for sophisticated scientific and signal analysis applications, such as the evaluation of ionospheric scintillation monitoring, multipath, reflectrometry, interference and more. With the integrated barometer sensor and the capability to synchronise an external IMU/magnetic sensor, also advanced sensor fusion applications are supported.
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